Our Story

marzipops is a sweet shop turning marzipan upside down with whimsical, playful and delicious treats.  From holidays to everyday, we carefully create our exquisite treats to be fun to look at as well as delectable to eat.

Our company founder Dahlia Weinman fell in love with marzipan while designing accolade-winning cakes and never looked back.  

marzipops has been featured in a variety of print and online publications, including The New York Times, Martha Stewart Living, Food Network, Good Housekeeping, Little Things  and more. 

We believe each and every marzipop can transform your day and bring a smile to a meal, a celebration or just for every day.  


about Dahlia
Dahlia combines an MBA from Harvard, success as a cake designer and a love of food and sense of whimsy.  Marzipops is now her passion, following earlier experiences in finance, publishing and marketing.


about the team

Our team is obsessed with delivering the most creative and most delicious marzipan direct to your door. Our treats are all created by hand to order - mixed, cut, colored, painted, and packaged just for you. We use lovely gift boxes so that receiving and opening your treats is almost as fun as eating them.

We spend tons of time brainstorming new products and improving on current designs. We also love tapping into our customer community for new ideas, so please send them our way. 

Are you ready for some deliciously playful eating?






team photo: Mark Bialek Photography